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Bones walks in the mountains
waiting for the sun to be in the right place.

I-Ching Deck

The ancient oracle in card form,
tools for divination and storytelling.

Bones Unknown

Illustrated oral history of dreams,
a transmission from a distant star,
the mythology of a world yet to come.

One page of art and one page of text every day,
until the story of the survivors follow through
from the beginning to the end and back again.

Waking Dreams

Past appearances in publications.

Full of Sand

Little games.

Gatehouse at Montheim

Cabin at the end of the trail, at the edge of wilderness
a sanctuary for art, a summer clubhouse for friends
to watch the stars and tell stories around the fire.

Montheim Sanctuary Fund
$1+ USD per month at Patreon

1.5 acres in Colorado, cabin sleeps two. No winter services.
2020 plans: add solar power, interior finish, bunkbeds.